These companies are excellent and come highly recommended.
Many of their products are displayed at the showroom. – Even if you’re the kind of person who makes everything a DIY project, there’s always a point when a home remodeling or decorating project could use a professional set of eyes. Whether you are redoing your backyard, need some help planning your living room or can’t figure out where to put the kitchen sink, a quality home professional can help you do it right. Hiring a qualified home professional puts their years of schooling, certifications, training and experience right at your fingertips. – The home of Holiday Kitchens is located in Rice Lake, WI. Holiday Kitchens began manufacturing cabinetry in the 1960’s and was built with three values in mind: honesty, hard work, and quality. Today Holiday Kitchens is one of the top ten custom cabinet manufacturers in the country. Mainstream Cabinets has sold Holiday products for over eight years.

Print – Bertch Cabinets is located in Waterloo, IA. Bertch has been creating high quality cabinets and accessories for nearly thirty years. All of Bertch’s products are Made in the USA with pride and distributed Nationally. Mainstream Cabinets has proudly sold Bertch products for over ten years. Bertch also has a very affordable line of cabinetry available, called Marketplace Cabinets, that has worked well for Mainstream Cabinets.